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Protein Surface Accessibility

The way any protein dialogs with its molecular environment is controlled by the accessibility of the various surface patches. However, simple exposure of residues on the protein surface, as determined by the tertiary or quaternary structure, cannot fully account for the observed preferential accessibility of some spots on protein surfaces. In some cases, small and uncharged organic molecules, even different from the physiological ligands of given proteins, can approach preferentially the molecular surface, and can even account for allosteric disruption of substrate binding. Direct studies of protein surface accessibility, both in solution and in the crystal state, are, indeed, emerging as a new dimension of structural studies of proteins, complementing traditional static and dynamic investigations.

It is apparent that the search for protein hot spots, i.e. protein surface regions exhibiting enhanced activity, should start from the sites which have preferential surface accessibility and is crucial for any strategy of drug design or protein engineering.

The mechanisms underlying the distribution of protein surface regions with enhanced accessibility have not been systematically investigated so far. Furthermore, the specificity of intermolecular approaches, which are required for any biological function, derives from a combination of steric and dynamic features occurring at the molecular surface.

We are implementing NMR methodologies to investigate protein surface accessibility by using different paramagnetic probes, characterized by chemical stability and absence of electric charge.

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