Mission of SBL

We elucidate the structures, activities, and dynamical properties of small and large biomolecules.  Our research uses state-of-the-art techniques in nuclear magnetic resonance, molecular dynamics, bioinformatics and metabolomics. Our lab is highly interdisciplinary, at the interface of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Andrea Bernini, PhD

Principal investigator of the Structural Biology Lab
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IntegRatEd Soft tissuE sARcoma moleCular approacH

SBL is partner of RESEARCH (IntegRatEd Soft tissuE sARcoma moleCular approacH), a project for molecular signature characterization of primary soft tissue sarcomas that has just been awarded a grant from Regione Toscana in the frame of “Bando Ricerca Salute 2018”. The project, started in October 2020, is currently collecting samples from enrolled patients prior to the genomic, proteomic and metabolic screening.

Exploiting transient pockets for drug re-purposing

Transient pockets originates on protein surface as a result of molecular dynamics and are promising targets for drug deveopment. In combination with drugs re-purposed as inhibitor or chaperones can help developing therapies for rare genetics diseases, as showed in our CBAC paper ↗

ApreciseKUre – a database for precision medicine in Alkaptonuria

SBL is involved in molecular-level research of the genetic disease Alkaptonuria. SBL hosts and actively develops the ApreciseKUre database which can be found at this link ↗

ProCoCoa – protein core delineation

ProCoCoA is a well established algorithm for protein core delineation. Only a PDB structure file is needed as input by using the online service at this link ↗

High Performance Computing

The cluster computer “Marie” entered service in September 2019 and is available to academy and companies for their computing needs.
Providing 640 CPU cores, 4Tb RAM and 6 GPU Nvidia Volta V100 with state of the art hardware, Marie is suitable for high demanding applications such as computational chemistry, bioinformatics and Next Genome Sequencing.
To start your computational project, contact  andrea.bernini@unisi.it.