Mission of SBL

We elucidate the structures, activities, and dynamical properties of small and large biomolecules.  Our research uses state-of-the-art techniques in nuclear magnetic resonance, molecular dynamics, bioinformatics and metabolomics. Our lab is highly interdisciplinary, at the interface of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Andrea Bernini, PhD

Dr. Andrea Bernini is in charge of SBL since 2004.
Follow his research activities on Mendeley ↗.

ProCoCoa – protein core delineation

ProCoCoA is a well established algorithm for protein core delineation. Only a PDB structure file is needed as input by using the online service at this link ↗

ApreciseKUre – a database for precision medicine in Alkaptonuria

SBL is part of the Biochemistry group at DBCF (see BIO@DBCF ↗ home page), involved in molecular-level research into genetic disease Alkaptonuria. SBL hosts the ApreciseKUre database which can be found at this link ↗

SBX – science diffusion

SBX is the label for the activities of science diffusion carried out by the Structural Biology Lab, such as the European Researchers’ Night ↗.