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Simple Atom Depth Index Calculator (SADIC) and the Protein Core Composition Analyzer (ProCoCoA) can be run from this server.
For a given protein structure SADIC calculates depths of each atom as depth index. Atom depth indexes are stored in the B-factor field of modified PDB files. Thus, selected proteins can be analyzed and visualized by using the modified PDB files which can be downloaded from the Results page.
ProCoCoA is a novel algorithm for protein core delineation obtained from atom depth index analysis of residue side chains.

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SADIC with structural layers

If expert settings or processing of large datasets are needed, the resident software implementation of SADIC/ProCoCoa is available for download from our software page


30 September 2013: New visualization for SADIC output, including protein structural layers and overall flexibility prediction.

26 September 2013: Added support for multi-model pdb files (eg NMR bundles).

25 October 2012: SADIC & ProCoCoA server is up and running.

How to cite

Please cite the following references in publications.

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